Consequences Of Brick And Mortar Stores

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Register to read the introduction… Channel synergy emphasizes the interaction of severals channel. As mentioned before, omnichannel seeks to provide the seamless shopping exoerience for customers, so the channel synergy is the necessary infrastructure for achieving omnichannel.

Consider that a business process is a series of activities in the process of producing a product and delivering it to the customer. Ostensibly each step in a business process adds value to the product. What value does the brick-and-mortar store provide? What value does the online sales store provide? Can a synergy between these two sales channels be achieved, or is the physical store simply superfluous?

For online retail, there are some main values. The first value they provide is convenient. Online sales stores and Webstore can keep on trading all day, this means customers can shop when and where they feel free than with a brick-and-mortar store. “Quick and easy to get going” is the second aspect for convenient. It’s much easier to setup compared to a physical store. The second value that provide is more options. Online retailer can provides a wide variety of merchandise with sufficiently detailed information, it mat contain other user’s feedback. In addition, customers can select the same type of production from different companies, which can make customers feel a different shopping experience than in physical

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