Conscription Of The United States Essay

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The year of 1944 led the nation of Canada into despair over the issue of the WW2. The current situation at that times steered people to believe that Conscription was the only solution to the problem. Conscription was the compulsory enrollment in armed forces which had once tore apart the nation of Canada back in 1917. The after math of was that the conscription crisis of 1944 in Canada, which was an unnecessary action that created bitter disputes between the French & English citizens, which reduced the war effort and also tested the Governments decision-making from preventing another civil disorder within the nation. Also the Conscripts weren’t needed overseas due the large amounts of active volunteers in the war, which allowed Canada to still have home defense even if conscription wasn’t imposed.

Canada’s previous rivalries between the French and English Canadians had still left an impact on the nation’s unity. The imposing of conscription reintroduced the hatred and created more disputes between the English and French Canadians. It’s believed that nobody in the Parliament was eager to bring in conscription and when it was eventually imposed many MPs like Pierre Joseph Arthur Cardin left the cabinet in order to protest against the government with anti-conscription groups. But they weren’t the only ones who opposed the policy, Mackenzie king was not eager as well to bring in conscription for he feared it would trigger a massive civil disorder in Quebec and once said that if…

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