Conscientious Objection And The Amendment Essay

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Conscientious Objection: The Right to Refuse
A difficult dilemma exists today in the American healthcare system concerning the rights of healthcare and religious institutions, universities with religious affiliation, and private business owners who refuse to provide insurance that covers abortion related services and or medications pertaining to such services. This quandary also encompasses individual practitioners such as physicians and nurses who refuse to participate in this practice. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) now requires contraceptive coverage, and contraceptive counseling for those businesses and practitioners who participate in the Health Insurance Marketplace (, 2016), and in some states, the ACA also requires that these plans cover abortion ( Hence, this has resulted in the conscientious objection of those persons, businesses, healthcare and religious institutions, who find these services morally unacceptable. In this paper, I will examine the issue of conscientious objection and the resultant legislation proposed to redress this contingency.
The Moral Impasse The requirement of providing birth control, and abortion services is especially problematic to certain entities, businesses, universities, and practitioners who have a moral or religious motivation. The difficulty for these objectors is in proving the justification for their objection. There are presently two differing views on how the objectors should provide…

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