Persuasive Essay On The Nature Of Human Cloning

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How cool would it be to be cloned? Having another you? To do as you do, have your habits, and the way you think? It isn’t just your identical “twin” but it is actually another you, would this amuse you or horrify you? Cloning is a big controversial issue around the globe, and this isn 't anything new to us. We have seen cloning in movies, cartoons, and in video games. The idea of cloning has been bounced around a lot since 1885. When we think about cloning, we see the future, the only thing we fail to realize is the damage it will cause.
There was stages before cloning was officially a concept, it started with the idea of “twinning”. Edward Dreisch was the the first scientist that demonstrated artificial “ embryo twinning”. Dreisch realized if he shook a embryo of a sea urchin he could separate them and make two sea urchins. In this experiment he showed that each cell in its early stage in the embryo has its own complete set of genetic instructions that can grow into a full organism. The sea urchins both grew and lived. Scientist soon became fully aware of the whole “embryo twinning” and started doing their own evaluations on the concept.
In 1902 Spemann a researcher took a challenge of twinning a vertebrate (a vertebrate is
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People have realized now that it can be possible and it scientist might just be a few steps behind in making it possible. The are quite a few pros in cloning. For example partners that unit and realize they can not have their own children can create children that are genetically identical to each other, or in the other hand partners that are the same sex can have their own children without having to need a sperm donor. One of the substantial argument to have cloning is having a human organ donor, “a spare part” for your self, there would be no more need to wait to get a liver donor, heart, any type organ. The part would be there, your clone would carry them for you, incase you ever need

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