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The State of Connecticut: Strategy for Economic Development

Connecticut had long been one of the most prosperous U.S. states. With a per capita income of $39,300 in 19991 compared with the U.S. average of $28,542,2 it had the highest standard of living of any state. However, Connecticut had been hit especially hard by the recession of the early 1990s, the worst since the 1930s. During the recession, Connecticut lost one out of every 10 jobs.3 Although the recession ended in 1992, the recovery in the early 1990s was anything but robust. High unemployment rates persisted in some urban areas, and the state’s poverty rate almost doubled, from a 1987–1989 average of 4.5% to 8.4% for the 1997–1999 period.4
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The State of Connecticut: Strategy for Economic Development

With 3.4 million residents in 2000, Connecticut was the 29th-largest U.S. state in terms of population5 and the third smallest in geography. Situated on the Atlantic coast between New York and Massachusetts, Connecticut had a gross state product

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