Essay about Confucianism And Taoism Are Primeval Chinese Religions

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Confucianism and Taoism are primeval Chinese religions. They were both philosophies, which began in China. Neither were proposed to be religions at the era though by tradition they have been treated as such by many adherents and scholars. It is very difficult to separate Chinese religions given that most exist simultaneously within each practice and beliefs. However, there are certain elements that make each religion stand out as its own. Confucianism, for example, believes in setting an excellent example for others in hope that they too will follow it; primarily in the Five Relationships. Taoism however, focuses more on living harmoniously through the concept of yin and yang. Their beliefs on the afterlife as well as their suffering and the problem of evil differentiate slightly making both religions stand out. Confucianism heavily stresses on human conduct over belief in God. It focuses on the ethics and personal moral attainment, social relationships, good environment, and creating “the good” in the here and now. Most importantly Confucians believe that society can be saved through Jen ( Fisher 188). Their understanding of moral modification is filial piety: Hsiao, to one’s parents. Their human nature is having respect to those that are superior to them. It’s ultimate principle is all about the brotherhood of humanity, but most importantly, it sought to have an essential aspect in having a strong government if ruling class adhered to Jen. The Chinese character for…

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