Essay on Conformity Is The Real Situation Of Conformity

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Are people really who they seem? Many people do not want to be or show who they really are. A Lot of people change who they are to be more like someone else. Is the fact that people change who they are to be like someone else a good or bad thing? It is a common subject that many people are unaware of. Conformity is a very important element in the world today, and it is something that will never go away. The way someone chooses to let conformity effect them is the real situation of conformity.
Many people choose to just see the bad side of conformity. People associate conformity with negative peer pressure. Kids are persuaded by their peers, favorite celebrities, or even their families. By conforming to actions that the person does not usually do to fit in, author Bundrant states, “... you automatically create an internal environment of uncertainty and anxiety”
(Bundrant, 2013). The guilt starts to build up because deep down that person knows that it is the wrong thing to do, and those actions performed are against their nature. This is a prime example of a negative impact that conformity can have on a youth or an adult.
If everyone conforms to be like other people, then life would become boring (Easton,
2015). Easton pointed out that if people all acted alike, wore the same clothes, did the same activities, and lived life in a similar manner, then the world would be boring. Easton stated, “ It is awesome when you see the person dressed in the funky clothes, or the guy with…

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