Conflicts Of Struggles In Midaq Alley By Naguib Mahfouz

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Midaq Alley by Naguib Mahfouz coveys a power struggle in abusive relationships revolving involving Haminda and Ibrahim through open dialogue in order to bring conflicts regarding prostitution, that hide in the shadows, to light. First, dialogue introduces the economically and emotionally abusive relationship between Hamida and Ibrahim, which centers primarily on prostitution. The first sign of economic abuse appears when Ibrahim refuses to engage with Hamida due to the fact that people will “gladly pay fifty pounds for virgins”, insinuating that he will gain profit off her body (Mahfouz 223). Ibrahim’s scheming statement plays with Hamida’s emotions and pushes her out of her moral comfort zone for his economic interests. He associates numerical …show more content…
First Ibrahim deliberately isolates Hamida through claiming that Midaq Alley is “not [her] home...nor [her] family” (194). As result, Hamida’s disconnect with her home strengthens and makes her feel displaced and isolated, as if she does not belong to the place she has known her whole life. Consequently, Ibrahim offers refuge to Hamida and a new life, which appeals to her in light of the fact that she feels like she does not have a place to belong. Ibrahim plays on her emotional displacement in order to lure her into his trap of abuse and take advantage of her for economic gain in his prostitution business. Moreover, the reader can see fro Ibrahim’s dialogue that he tries to cut the very few remaining ties Hamida has to home, which plays in his plan to isolate her in his control. In addition, Ibrahim emotionally manipulates Hamida through professing that he is “ love” with her (222). The author’s word choice of Ibrahim saying “honestly” makes his claim seem more truthful and sincere, as result, it further persuades Hamida into his plan. Moreover his profession of love emotionally manipulates her due to the fact that she attaches to him through this false connection between them and his false good intentions. Hamida fantasizes over his love in his riches so much to the point where it blinds her from his flaws. Therefore, her emotional assumptions of him cage her in this abusive relationship. The reader’s understanding of the abusive relationship between Hamida and Ibrahim increases due to the fact that she is ignorant to his imperfections and abusive motives. Lastly, despite an ongoing record of Ibrahim’s harsh treatment of her emotionally and economically, Hamida still has the fantasy that they will “get married and get out of this[their] kind of life” (259). Hamida also knows that Ibrahim is not one for marriage

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