Conflict Within The World Of Literature Essay

1383 Words Apr 28th, 2015 6 Pages
Emily Luna
Cisco College
English 1302
22 March 2015
Conflict within To a God Unknown Delving into the world of literature one can dissect the rhymes and reasons of how novels strengthen their content through the uses of conflict to help develop the plot and overall theme. The novel To a God Unknown by John Steinbeck explores the use of the different types of conflicts to progress the plot and develop a theme. The first major conflict seen in the novel can be classified as a man against man conflict. Joseph has set off to California to pursue his fondness of the land and crosses paths with a man named Juanito who has agreed to help Joseph as a vaquero in return for his friendship. Juanito is seemingly a good hardworking man that would not betray Joseph in any way but after Joseph’s brothers come out to California to own land next to his a fatal occurrence strikes the good flow of vibes. The first account of man against man comes in when Juanito finds that Benjy is trying to seduce his wife. In response to his actions Joseph comes back to find out that Benjy has been stabbed to death by Juanito. The second account of the man against man type is seen through the same conflict but through the repercussions of Juanito’s actions. Juanito is flooded with guilt that he killed Joseph’s brother and wants to flee but Joseph wants to forgive and cover up the crime as an accident in order for Juanito to stay and work with him. This man against man conflict results in Joseph losing two…

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