Essay about Conflict Surrounding : Billy Don 't Be A Hero

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Conflict Surrounding “Billy Don’t Be a Hero” The song “Billy Don’t Be a Hero” is mostly associated with the Vietnam War, however, its lyrics make no reference to any specific war. The Vietnam War began in 1954 when communist North Vietnam, backed by China and the Soviet Union, with their allies in South Vietnam called the Viet Cong wanted to unite their country under a single communist rule. The Southern Vietnamese that were not a part of the Viet Cong, on the other hand, wanted to preserve their government, so they allied with the United States and other anti-communist allies. The United States did not get very involved in the war until 1961 when the military decided to bring in a large number of troops. The United States and Southern Vietnam were ill prepared for the guerrilla fighting techniques of the Viet Cong. The United States military had a difficult time distinguishing the Viet Cong from normal civilians. The war continued on in Vietnam for the United States until 1973 when South Vietnam fell to the North in April 1975. Thousands of the United States military lost their lives, as did over a million citizens of Vietnam. The reception of The Vietnam War in the United States was not very warm. Many musicians, teens, and adults protested the war. It started out as simple protests on college campuses which escalated to a march to the pentagon. The people did not like the war because it had lasted for 18 years, was costing the American citizens a lot money each year in…

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