Essay about Conflict Resolution

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Conflict Resolution Cherie Whipple
April 6, 2015
Ronald Baker

Conflict Resolution
Knowing how to handle various situations in the workplace can determine success or failure within an organization. In the following, we will discuss three storybook situations where issues exist among employees. The discussion will look at communication styles and barriers and then look at the conflict and negotiation process involved in handling the situations. The first situation centers on communication challenges among employees.
Storybook 1: Communication Challenges In storybook one, we have a communication barrier called filtering. The employee tries to put a spin on things to make the news look good to management when it truly is
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Comparing this to the situation in storybook one, it was important to realize that as a team member my thoughts and input were as important as everyone’s in the group.
Storybook 2: Breaking Bad News
Relaying important negative messages will be an important part of the job and may also be the worst part of the job for any manager. Before relaying the message to employees, know all pertinent information; anticipate anxiety and questions by being prepared. Communicate the message effectively. Translate the message in a positive tone and manner using body language effectively. Convey that message clearly. Be positive by using language and tone that are direct, praise them for their effort, be specific and stay focused on the problem. Do not exaggerate the message with the explanations. Give them reasons why there is a need for negative messages and ask them to give feedback. Keep the team motivated by being optimistic.
Managers want to avoid a hostile response from team members and maintain positive relationship with team members. Do not procrastinate by avoiding talking to your employees until the last possible minute; this will only enhance their reaction. Be a confident, focused force ready to lead them through the confusion, anxiety, or anger by keeping them focused toward a clear objective. Help the team members understand that change can be frightening, be can also be a positive

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