Conflict Resolution Skills Essay

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Conflict ResolutionPaper 10/9/10

Conflict resolution and relationship skills should go hand in hand. Learning conflict resolution skills means learning productive, effective, and non-destructive ways to face, cope with, and resolve conflict in all areas of life. This entails conflict in one’s personal and professional life. Relationship skills pertain to all the relationships in our lives- family, friends, spouses, coworkers and acquaintances. How we interact with the people in our lives has a direct bearing on our level of happiness, success, stress, and contentment. Oftentimes these different relationships involve conflicts and how we handle these conflicts affects the condition of
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It is easy to see how harmful this is to society as well as the individual. Often the only relationships they still have are severely damaged or very unhealthy. This can only result in more dysfunctional and damaged families. The only way to break this cycle is to make the necessary changes, like teaching the addict and their families a

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