Conflict Is An Argument Between Two People Essay example

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A conflict is an argument between two people. Conflict can have an impact in our lives. It can hurt our relationships with the people that we love. To avoid the conflict, we should communicate and try to understand the situation. Don’t let the anger, frustrations and disappointments control the conversation between the people that you have an argument with. Don’t walk away from it, try to resolve the conflict before it gets bigger. In May 2015, my daughter and I had an argument about the boy that she likes at school and the boy also likes her. When she asked me if he can come over for a visit, I told her maybe next time because I will be home late from work. When I came home that night, I found out that the boy came over. I called her and she said that they were outside walking in the neighborhood. I told her that she needs to come home and that I need to talk to her and the boy. At that time, I was angry because she disobeyed me and took me for granted. The boy also was her close friends’ ex-boyfriend. Her friend knew that he was courting her and she was okay with it. Her friend is happy that they are together now.
According to the textbook, the types of conflict that I can associate are destructive, pseudoconflict, simple and serial argument. To characterize the destructive conflict is that my daughter and I did not talk about her so-called boyfriend because I told her that I don’t want to hear anything about the boy and that she is not allowed to go out with him. I…

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