Conflict In Finding Forrester

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All people need to feel safe. It creates trust and a level of security to focus on other parts of life away from finding shelter. The shelter both Jamal and Forrester find is the concept of writing itself. Their relationship balances each other for why they need safety, but the reason both characters find safety is writing. “Write don’t think, writing is not about thinking” (Finding Forrester). Forrester uses the conflict style of collaboration with Jamal for both of them to receive the interpersonal need of safety; issuing his view about Jamal’s writing and Jamal writing pieces Forrester can edit. As a successful writer, Forrester also holds more experiences yet his wisdom about being normal does not compare to Jamal’s. Jamal allows Forrester to feel safe too through his presents. It gives Forrester more meaning in life, something he has lost. …show more content…
In fact the one famous book, Avalon Landings, he wrote 50 years prior, to Jamal being asked to read and write about or his English class. Forrester does not feel his Pulitzer Prize-winning book accurately represents who he is, though. Rather what he thought about and expressed. The book is a barrier too. It is a nonverbal communication barrier between Forrester and Jamal. I believe Forrester’s insight in his book affects why he does not trust others anymore. Thus, the relationship between Jamal and Forrester thickens from new collaboration about the ideas expressed in the only book Forrester ever published. The book symbolizes the nonverbal relationship between Forrester and Jamal as well. Creating a new conversation to hash out; which are exactly the free flowing thoughts both Jamal and Forrester enjoying writing

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