Essay on Conflict Grips The World War Rages

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Conflict grips the World in 2014: civil war rages in Syria, ISIS ravages Iraq, and Ukraine remains a battleground. These conflicts resemble Mister Pip’s setting, 1990s New Guinea, in which rebels combat government forces, pressuring the inhabitants of Bougainville, a small village, including the widow Dolores, her daughter Matilda, and Matilda’s teacher, Mr. Watts, to make quick decisions regarding their essential values. In each of the three cases, the characters make hasty choices because they cannot fully consider their actions’ consequences. Conflicted environments cause one to misinterpret his/her core values to make rash decisions, but he/she usually positively changes his/her conduct to accurately reflect these values.
Bougainville’s villagers burn Mr. Watts’ belongings because of their pride in their home, but they still mourn his loss. The redskins spare Mr. Watts’ home after they burn the village’s belongings. Soon after, Matilda notes she “... saw people carrying all the possessions belonging to the Wattses… I had never seen an event like this before; I had never seen anything as vengeful as this… Everything went up in flames” (116). In this scene, Matilda witnesses the villagers burn Mr. Watts’ belongings. They feel he wrongs them by bringing Great Expectations, the book that leads to their possessions being burned, into Bougainville. Their pride in their village compels them to make a rash decision, causing unnecessary harm. As the novel progresses, the…

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