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Conflict Diamonds and the Kimberly Process

What this case is about was that ion the 2000’s, a common concern emerged among members of the diamond industry, the United Nations, several governments and Human Rights campaigners who all wished to end the trade in Conflict Diamonds which were gemstones that were being mined or stolen by rebels fighting internationally recognized governments. To end this, they embarked an unusual collaboration called the Kimberly Process. The Kimberly Process was a scheme for tracking diamonds all the way from the mine to the jewelry shop, so that consumers could be assured that the gems they were buying were conflict free.

1. Conflict Diamonds are diamonds that are illegally traded to fund
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In 2000, a De Beers representative appeared before a U.S congressional hearing and readily acknowledged that conflict diamonds were a problem. Having spent hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising it’s product, De Beers is deeply concerned about anything that could damage the image of diamonds as a symbol of love, beauty, and purity.

2. The three sectors that were concerned with the problem of conflict diamonds were the rebels, the diamond companies, and human rights organizations, including the United Nations. The rebels were concerned because there interest was to make money. The rebels had gained control of the mines and they began selling rough diamonds in exchange for weapons, food, and other supplies. In Angola alone, the UNITA rebels were reported to have built up a war chest of almost 4 billion during the 1990’s from the sale of diamonds, which they used to fund a sophisticated military operation. By some estimates, as many as 6 million civilians were forced from their homes and 3.7 million died in these African conflicts. The Diamond companies interest is to keep theor image pure but they were worried because of the possible impact of sales declining, the United Kingdom’s foreign minister said that he does not want to pledge a diamond that has cut of the finger of a child. The United Nations interest were to try

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