Essay about Conflict Between Men And Women

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"Unpleasant experiences with the opposite sex seem to be unavoidable." This is one of Karen Horney 's first statements when she speaks directly about sexual matters and what she sees as male anxieties. She describes the distinct conflict areas between men and women and how it is from psychologically originated in her piece called The Distrust Between Sexes. Karen Horney was a psychiatrist whose career was developed independently when influenced by Sigmund Freud according to a biography published in American Decades by Judith S. Baughman. The research Horney spent most of her time was centered on the question of female psychology. Her studies from cultural studies supported her work on the argument of neuroses, which consisted of sexual problems caused by cultural influences and individual pressures. Horney will argue that the mystery of women is connected to her biologically creative nature and men compensate for their inability to create life and choose to spend their energy creating art, state, and science. Karen Horney originally presented this information as a lecture to the German Women 's Medical Association in November 1930. Towards the end of her lecture, Horney asks who key questions; "Is it possible that the male is sexually dependent on the female to a higher degree than the woman is on him?" Karen immediately follows with, "Could it be that men, therefore, have a vital interest in keeping women dependent on them?" Both of these questions are derived from…

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