Conflict Between Conflict And Conflict Essays

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Conflict is something that cannot be avoided as we live our lives. While it is not always easy, conflict is a way in which we can constructively interact with those around us, and understand our own selves more deeply. Learning how to deal with conflict is vital in the development of a mature individual. What defines a person is not which conflict situations they find themselves in, but rather how they handle such situations.
Conflict Analysis Write your personal definition of conflict. In my view, conflict is an issue that arises between two people, often through some form of disagreement. Conflict can arise between many different types of individuals, and each conflict is unique based on both the relationship of those involved in the conflict and what the conflict is about. In terms of the relationship of those in the conflict, for example, a conflict over who will choose which television show is watched may be handled very differently if those involved in the conflict are strangers versus if they are siblings. Similarly, a conflict between two siblings will likely be much smoother if it is about who will get the last piece of candy versus who will get a thousand dollars. Another aspect of the conflict will depend on how each individual involved in the conflict handles their argument. They can be assertive, non-assertive, or aggressive. Each of these reactions certainly has a best time and place to be put into use, but often times they must be put in check to avoid…

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