Conducting A Social Science Research Essay

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Conducting social science research serves three purposes, which are exploration, description, and explanation (Alleyne, 2012; Simeonova et al., 2014). Conducting the proposed study requires utilizing the correlational design also known as the survey design. The survey design is one of several designs available when conducting studies in social science research and is a common approach used when explaining relationships (Leon-Perez, Medina, Arenas, & Munduate, 2015; Weathington, Cunningham, & Pittenger, 2012). Exploratory research is qualitative in nature and therefore not appropriate for the proposed study (Giroldi et al., 2014).
The unit of analysis (the what or who being investigated) for the proposed study is professionals using complex technology in university administrative settings (Ocaña-Riola, Mayoral-Cortés, & Sánchez-Cantalejo, 2013). Utilizing the survey design becomes helpful when observing these individuals and inferring meaning of their attitudes about technology related stress. The survey design also becomes useful for understanding how independent variables such as technostress creators affect dependent variables such as job productivity (Alhawiti, 2013). In addition, utilizing the survey design requires using a validated and reliable instrument such as the TPI for measuring attitudes about the technostress phenomenon (Leon-Perez et al., 2015).
Utilizing the survey design provides benefit when collecting data on variables such as job productivity,…

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