Condensation And Evaporation Essay

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Overview of Lessons

Learning Experiences
Lesson 1 Engage: Mentally engages students, captures interest, Able to express what they know Show the students an introductory video on condensation and evaporation. Take students on a nature walk and ask the students to locate examples of condensation and evaporation.

These learning experiences link with the following content descriptors:
“Science involves making predictions and describing patterns and relationships (ACSHE050)” (Australian Curriculum and Assessment Reporting Authority [ACARA], 2016).
Lesson 2 Explore: Hands on activity, explore the concept or skill. Make sense of the concept or skill (this may take more than 1 lesson and be combined with explore) Use ice cubes and a heat lamp to explore the
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Materials (physical items you will use in the lesson)
YouTube video (to be played on a projector)
The great outdoors
Lesson Steps
The YouTube video about evaporation and condensation (makemegenius 2013) is shown to provide simple knowledge of the concept and to enable the students to begin thinking about this concept.

Main body
The teacher will then take the students on a walk outside of the classroom and ask the students to each write down one example of evaporation or condensation that they saw on their walk (a puddle=evaporation, a discarded water bottle may = condensation).

Upon returning to the classroom, the students are to share and discuss what they found/saw. The teacher may ask the students if the environment might be different if it was winter instead of summer or vice versa.
Key Questions to Ask
1) Can anyone tell me how evaporation takes place? (Prior to the video)
2) Having seen the video, can somebody tell me the effect heat has in the evaporation process? (After the video)
3) Can you show me an example of evaporation/condensation in the school yards?
4) Explain why this is an example of

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