Concussions Have Haunted All Levels Of The Game Of Football Essay

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For a very long time, concussions have haunted all levels of the game of football. And for the most part, those injuries have been overlooked. A concussion can be defined as a collision between a person’s head, and another surface (Miller). Concussions can be found not only be found in the game of football, but also in car accidents and other falls. According to The McGeorge Law Review “A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI) that occurs when the head or body receives a blow that causes the brain to accelerate and decelerate quickly in the skull.” (Hunsucker). In those cases the contact will more than likely be made with another surface like your steering wheel or the ground. But in the game of football, a majority of concussions occur when a player suffers head on contact with another player. Sometimes causing a concussion for both players. A concussion is not your everyday injury as well. They do not heal with no lingering effects. Because of this concussions are deemed significant because the long term effects can be devastating. With each concussion that a player suffers, his risk of the disease CTE, increases as well. CTE, formerly known as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, is a deadly disease founded by Dr. Bennett Omalu, which is caused by concussions that rots the brain makes one go mad (Miller). It is most common in retired players, many years after they retire from the game. The path to the end of the disease is quite frightening as well as…

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