Conclusion Of Sexual Violence

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1. Abstract
2. What is sexual violence
3. Type of sexual violence
4. What causes sexual violence mental factor pshcho
5. What effect mental factor psycho society
6. Way to avoid
7. Conclusion

What is Sexual Violence?
A sexual act is attempt or assault to obtain a sexual act, unwanted sexual comments by violence or coercion, acts directed against a person’s sexuality, this is called sexual violence. Sexual violence refers to any sexual activity where consent is not obtained or a mandatory requirement to the victims. Most of the sexual violence extensively occurs in the context of an intimate partnership such as friends, partner, workers, the larger family or community structure such as family members or neighbors,
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a person who drinks heavily a very short period of time can result in a temporary coma or in alcohol poisoning. Over a long period of time may have brain deficits that persist well after he or she achieves sobriety.In some cases the perpetrator takes advantage of a woman who is drinking heavily and is less able to resist, they actively encourages drunkenness by fixing or buying drinks with more alcohol than the original one. Some of the perpetrator may also use alcohol to lower inhibitions and give himself an excuse of the sexual …show more content…
After a traumatic experience such as a rape or abuse, it is common for a victim to feel helpness, fear or unlike themselves.
PTSD, as known as post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental health condition that lead to a terrifying event. Victims will suffer in their negative mind which them may feel been damaged, dirty, hopeless or unworthy.

It is common for a victim of sexual violence to experience the feelings that may be more anxiety, easily anger, lose of control, unexplained crying, changes in appetite and weight loss or gain ,and feeling unsafe. Feeling that these reactions are a sign of weakness, they will increase sense of vulnerability and become nervousness.
When their stress is in high level, they might have shortness of breath, nighmare, muscle tension, changing in eating and sleeping patterns. Some of the victims may even experience suicidal thoughts .

How sexual Violence affect Health?
Sexual violence can negatively impact health in many ways. Some of the effects can cause long-term health problems. These are including stomach problems, chronic pain, headaches, or sexually transmitted

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