The Old Guitarist Picasso Analysis

In this essay The Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso is analyzed, critiqued, and admired. Concepts and symbolism involving society, grief, and hope are carefully pieced together using the history of the time in which it was painted, in combination with details from Picasso's personal life. Details such as color choice and composition are broken down and the meaning behind every element is revealed. Picasso was an artist with immense talent. His art was representative and real. He could move his brushes in such a way that his paintings captivated not only the eyes, but also the mind. The Old Guitarist is a prime example of this.
The Blues
The year is 1903, in Madrid, Spain, and the not yet famous Pablo Picasso is working intently on what would
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During his Blue Period, specifically, he produced art that represented concepts and emotions many choose to ignore, as they are not as desirable or happy in any shape or form. His paintings were real and addressed subject matter that was in need of representation and attention. Integrating his own feelings and circumstances into his art was key in the later success of his artwork. He knew what it was like to live in poverty and to struggle with difficult emotions and traumatic experiences. Perhaps it was because of this, he was able to be resourceful in his artwork and recognized his capabilities. For example, in The Old Guitarist, if you look closely there is almost a ghostly figure of a woman in the background. This is thought to be the original, planned painting for the panel, a woman sitting. Be that as it may, when Picasso realized he had limited materials, he went with what became the guitarist and one of his most successful paintings. It is the little bits of history like this and the intensity of emotion and color in the paintings that has made Picasso such a phenomenal artist. The Old Guitarist is a breathtaking painting, now in the Art Institute of Chicago, where it can be admired and praised by the public. It represents the tragic conditions many people faced and lived through during his time period, symbolized Picasso's own battle with depression, and portrayed the hope art can instill in people. The Old Guitarist is a one of a kind, truly enchanting piece of

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