Concep Analysi: Patient Advocacy Essay

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Concept Analysis: Patient Advocacy

Yvette Thornton
NURS 502
Grand Canyon University
April 24, 2013

Concept Analysis: Patient AdvocacyIntroduction The concept of patient advocacy was the focus of the article entitled, “Developing a mid –range theory of patient advocacy through concept analysis” by Xiaoyan Bu and Mary Ann Jezewski published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing 2007. In an attempt to clarify the definition as well as the refine the concept of patient advocacy, the authors synthesized advocacy in nursing literature and sought with this information to establish a theoretical basis for future studies on patient
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Constitution). The average inmate patient is between the ages of 35-65 with chronic disease processes such as diabetes, cancer ,HIVcancer, HIV and a myriad of co-morbidities. The nurse must provide the inmate with the information regarding his health as to assist him in making informed decision ( safe(safe guarding his autonomy). Although he is a prisoner, he still has the right to participate in his care, refuse his care or seek alternative plan of care. This population also wereThis population also was subject to the macro-social referents pointed out in this article. Many were from poor family, lacked access to healthcare and were victims of either individual or institutional racism(racism (Bu & Jezewski 2007). The micro-social antecedents are more evident in the day to day practice of correctional nursing as many are illiterate, increasing numbers are of foreign ethnicity thus creating a language barrier.
The correctional nurse often acts on behalf of these patients by seeking a translator or by providing information in the form of a video or representing the patient in treatment team(team ( acting on behalf of patients). Correctional healthcare is constantly fighting for the rights of those that are entrusted to it by the justice system. The third core attribute, championing social justice in the provision of healthcare is at the heart of this professional venue. Based on the ethical principal of justice of equal access to

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