Essay about Computers And Mobile Devices Have Been An Asset

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Computers and mobile devices have been an asset to everyone live with the ability to search anything within seconds, from home or in the car. Whenever someone needs an answer to a question you can just Google it and find out. But this technology has also been used to help students with projects such as Microsoft office products, Google documents, and many more. This allows students to type their papers or projects online and virtually make them mistake free, using products such as spell check and paper rater. Such products are convenient and are an asset to students but are welcome in the classroom? Recently school districts have been pushing for technology in the classroom, stating that test scores will increase due to laptops being allowed in classrooms, with some 3rd parties stating scores increasing by as much as 14% in reading and writing. (Keppler) The primary focus for technology in the classroom will be in the middle and high school level. Teachers will now have a stronger focus on utilizing technology such as having students take online tests, online homework, or even just complete class work online. The push is for “self directed learning” (Keppler) with teachers now being addressed as facilitators and students now as collaborators. For self directed learning to be successful, teachers need to have a positive attitude and be motivated. (Dimaria) In comparison if teachers were not motivated, negative effects would occur. Technology in the…

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