Computer Network Security and Firewall Essay

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Principals of Information Security 4th Edition Questions
Chapter 6 Questions 1. What is the typical relationship among the untrusted network, the firewall, and the trusted network?
The relationship is that data is only limited to what firewalls allow via specific places called “ports”. There is the untrusted network on the outside, then the firewall which prevents unwanted or suspicious connections, and the trusted network is what lies within the bounds of the firewall.
2. What is the relationship between a TCP and UDP packet? Will any specific transaction usually involve both types of packets?
A TCP Packet sends information, and reports back to the sender on progress to assure that information has been sent and received. UDP on
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There is a “security policy that is configured into the kernel proxy as it inspects each packet.” (POIS P.256)
The generations that are in common use are pretty much all of them, but it’s more likely that application level firewalls, or kernel proxy firewalls being the ones most often used.
11. How does a commercial-grade firewall appliance differ from a commercial-grade fire- wall system? Why is this difference significant?
A commercial-grade firewall appliance is a firewall that is completely independent from client computers, it runs on the firmware of a switch, and is maintained through a direct connection to the switch. Via that connection it can be configured to block and allow different kinds of traffic.
A commercial grade firewall system basically runs as software on client computers which allows and prevents different kind of traffic from coming and going through a network connection.
This is a significant difference because the load of processing incoming and outgoing traffic is now dealt with by client

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