Computer Meditated Communication : The Primary Code Essay

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Computer Meditated Communication
It’s no secret that language is the primary code humans use to communicate, it is crucial when forming social relationships and it is essential for personal and professional success. “Although there is no specific date that we can pinpoint as to when language was first "discovered," we can estimate that our ancestors have been verbally communicating for approximately a million years.” (Bevan, Making Connections: Understanding interpersonal communication) However, how important is communication and is the way we communicate essential to our social interactions? There are many different aspects such as informal and formal language, non-verbal and verbal and computer-meditated communication. Based on the chart below the way humans communicate is almost as vital as communication itself.
How many times in a single say do you communicate with a phone or computer or maybe both? With the ever growing technology that is almost forced upon us, it can be hard not to use a phone or computer every day. In the chart below it shows that in one single day I used my cell phone twice, and my computer twice. I must admit; this was a rather unusual day for me because I tend to be on my computer or cell phone the majority of the day for work related reasons. The importance of how many times a person communicates through a phone or computer and why it matters is simple, being able to analyze how a person communicates can strengthen our ability to become a more…

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