Computer Hal 9000 From The Movie 2001 : A Space Odyssey Essay

1961 Words May 5th, 2016 null Page
”I 'm sorry, Dave. I 'm afraid I can 't do that.” This line was spoken by the computer HAL 9000 from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. However, unlike the common portrayal of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence systems are not out to replace humans and are not anywhere close to humans in their thinking abilities. Current artificial intelligence technology is best defined as decision making technology. Artificial intelligence is a developing technology that can improve human lives.
Much of the artificial intelligence that has been developed so far is specialized for a specific situation but the ultimate development in the field of artificial intelligence would be to create a system that can handle any situation, known as a general intelligence. General intelligence is what popular culture often portrays artificial intelligence as. Specialized artificial intelligence systems are everywhere in the modern world, such as Google searches and the suggestions by Amazon and Netflix. However, generalized artificial intelligence systems are the more commonly perceived definition of “artificial intelligence,” even though researchers are a long way from their development. There are many levels of complexity when working with artificial intelligence, from simple algorithms in video games, to systems that can safely drive a car, to computers that can replicate the general intelligence of humans. Additionally, within a single artificial intelligence system, there will…

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