Computer And Internet: The Dangers Of Cyber Crime

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1. Introduction
In today’s life computer and internet has become a basic need of life. They are the mediator of our life. One shares information, store information through internet. Now a day’s internet is a back bone of the society. One can use internet from anywhere and anytime and is easily accessible. The growing dependency on internet world is termed as cyber world. The augmentation in the usage of internet has enabled an increase in the volume of cybercrime activities because there is no longer a requirement of the criminal to physically present when committing a crime.
Cyber Crime is a malicious activity including the illegally receiving data, system interferences that compromises network and integrity and availability and copyright infringements. In other words, Cyber Crime is an illegal activity performed with the help of a computer system. It was started with hackers trying to break into computer networks. Some did it for thrill of accessing high level security networks, but others have quest to gain sensitive, classified material. Eventually, criminals started to infect computer systems with computer viruses, which led to breakdown on personal and business. It is such a big threat to the cyber world. Anyone using his mastermind can take out any personal or professional information by applying some techniques to the software.
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Types of Cyber Crime
2.1 Hacking: This type of crime is very dangerous and punishable as it refers to the breaking down into the computer system so that one’s valuable data can be accessed easily without any permission in hacking criminal uses different software to enter a person’s computer and a person may not be aware of that his system is being used from another

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