Essay on Comprehensive Strategic Plan for Google

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Executive summary
This paper will discuss a comprehensive strategic plan for google. First, an analysis of Google’s competitors: Microsoft, yahoo and Amazon analyzed. A critical analysis of Google’s operational and business strategy follows that. Then Google’s approach to corporate strategies that include vertical integration, diversification and Google’s global reach. The comprehensive strategic plan (CSP) is extrapolated from the critical evaluation of business and corporate strategy and based on the degree in which strategy is aligned to support Google’s espoused values and support its mission. The CSP includes strategic recommendation and measures in three areas: change to either corporate or business strategy, leverage resources
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The reason that makes google stay ahead of the curve is its ability to provide main resources to the users. Google would not be highly valued without the high content that it provides to its users. (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson, 2009)..
Google’s Operational and Business Strategy
The relevant searches that google provides, and the large amount of available information, is what makes google attractive to its users. Amazon a company that deals in downloading books, music and videos, offers google competition in the provision of content. The technology for providing relevant searches to end users, thus competition has become stiff. Therefore, google has to develop new ways to remain ahead of its competitors. So google has gone to develop its technological expertise as its key resource. (Centindamar, 2013). Currently as the leader in the industry, Google is attracting the best and the brightest. However, technology is a rapidly developing field that is continuously changing and improving. For Google to maintain the high standard of performance expected by users, they must attract and retain top technological experts.
The search industry is changing to encompass not only searching technology any longer. Users’ preferences are constantly growing. A service provider provides mobile phone search and business technology software. There has also been a shift in how search engine users are using the product. This is mainly due to the emerging new

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