Comprehensive Sex Education : A Must Be All Schools Essay

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Comprehensive Sex Education: A Must in All Schools Comprehensive sex education teaches about abstinence as the best method for avoiding STD’s and unintended pregnancy, but also teaches about condoms and contraception to reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy and of infection with STD’s, including HIV. It also teaches interpersonal and communication skills and helps young people explore their own values, goals, and options. In today’s society, with not all parents willing or able to inform their children about sex and all that it involves, it is more important than ever that school systems provide them with comprehensive sexual education classes in middle and high schools’. Estimates from The Center for Disease Control suggest that people aged 15-24 account for half of all new STD infections and that one in four sexually active adolescent females currently have an STD. Advocates for Youth indicate that U.S. teens account for 850,000 unintended pregnancies each year. Traditionally, sex education targets factors associated with STD and unintended pregnancy risk and not the underlying issues causing these problems. Comprehensive sex education addresses the underlying issues such as social pressures and media influence along with basic sex education topics, in an effort to provide an all-encompassing prevention program. It is for these reasons, among many others, that comprehensive sex education is a must in all schools. Comprehensive sex education is very effective.…

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