Essay on Components of Culture

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PART I: CHAPTER OUTLINE I. What is Culture? A. Culture and Human Intelligence B. Culture, Nation, and Society II. The Components of Culture A. Symbols B. Language 1. Language and Cultural Transmission 2. Is Language Uniquely Human? 3. Does Language Shape Reality? C. Values and Beliefs 1. Key Values of U.S. Culture 2. Values: Inconsistency and Conflict 3. Values in Action: The Games People Play A. Norms 1. Mores and Folkways 2. Social Control A. "Ideal" and "Real" Culture B. Material Culture and Technology C. New Information Technology and Culture I. Cultural Diversity: Many Ways of Life In One World A. High Culture and …show more content…
While we are part of a single biological species, Homo sapiens, we are distributed around the globe in many different cultures.WHAT IS CULTURE?Cultureis defined as the beliefs, values, behavior, and material objects that constitute a people's way of life. Sociologists differentiate between nonmaterial culture,or the intangible creations of human society, and material culture, or the tangible products of human society. Society refers to people interacting within a limited territory guided by their culture.Sociologically, culture is viewed in the broadest possible sense -- referring to everything that is part of a people's way of life. Out lifestyles are not determined byinstincts, or biological programming over which animals have no control. The fierce and warlike Yanomamo, the peace-loving Semai of Malaysia, the achievement-oriented and cooperative Japanese, and the achievement-oriented

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