Are People Right Or Are We Are Free

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Society evolves with each passing year aiming to get more and more advanced, but doing so has caused people to lose sight of what is truly important; themselves. Way back in the ancient times people worked harder of course because they lacked machines to do the work for them, but even though the people worked tirelessly on a daily basis they knew how to live freely. Most people would argue this saying that “we are free”, but are they right or are they simply falling under a spell that life would be better if less work was put into it? People become fascinated with these new gadgets and will do anything to obtain them, but even though most people would not question what was really happening, few do their best to prove the others wrong. One of …show more content…
People tend to get the wrong idea and think just getting the same old things everyone else has, going to parties, and so one is how to live life fully, but that is far from the truth. People should try being more idealistic like Henry suggests in his writings because they would explore their true selves. The people need to learn to stop being afraid of going out and trying new things, taking chances. In reality life is just that: taking a chance. Even though some dreams people may have sound crazy, insane, or impossible as long as they try that is all that matters. If they do not succeed that is perfectly fine, at least they can say that they tried and have a smile on their face. Society may tell someone that they cannot, sometimes it seems like that is just society’s job, but their harsh words have nothing on them so long as they give whatever their dream is their best shot. Dreams should never be limited or stopped, they should be conquered or at least the thing that keeps a poor soul continuing to live. Henry could be categorized as an idealist because of the fact that he believed in focusing on mental and spiritual factors and denied that material evidence is everything. He would probably want people of today’s time to really try their best to be idealistic because it focuses on the person’s spirit and not material things that do not truly matter. After all, if he were to see the world today he would probably scream at the top of his lungs that this is pure insanity and that everyone needs to go out and adventure more of what life has to

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