Essay Comparison Of Roy 's And Orem 's Theory

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Contrast of Nursing Theorist Nursing is among the developing disciplines in science development such as research and theory practices. The nursing professionals integrate knowledge from extensive conceptualizations of models to general practice. The theoretical frameworks serve robust methods of reporting, articulating, as well as recording nursing actions and thoughts. The primary aim of this essay is to compare and contrast Roy’s and Orem’s nursing theories. The paper will also include how the two models support Benner’s theory. Roy’s and Orem’s theories have significantly impacted the nursing profession. The integration of the two theories is not only useful in nursing education but also in clinical practice, research and administration. Roy’s model was developed by Theorist Sister Callista Roy, while Orem’s model was created by Theorist Dorothea E. Orem (Rajani, 2013).
Roy’s Model
The Roy’s theory was first developed for nursing education. It mainly focuses on the adaptation of a man (Punjani, 2013). It articulates that the person receives stimuli from both environment and self. The adaptation happens when an individual responds positively to the environmental changes.
The adaptive response then promotes the integrity of a person leading to health. She continues to point out that an ineffective response to the stimuli would interfere with the integrity of an individual. The goal of Roy’s theory is to help people adapt to psychological changes during illness (Rajani,…

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