Comparison Of Racism In A Mockingbird And The New Jim Crow

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Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow discusses ways in which the prison system of the United states has become a cycle for many prisoners instead of a method for them to repent and regret their crimes while James Baldwin’s A Talk to Teachers features the first-hand experience of the author himself dealing with racism in the education system. Both authors, who are black Americans discuss racism in times where it is thought that racism is no longer present. Many people might think of racism and think of times before the Civil Rights movement in the United States or apartheid in South Africa however both Alexander and Baldwin discuss select manners in which they have witnessed or experienced racism as black Americans post-the Civil Rights movement …show more content…
Instead, studies have shown that the rate of drug usage is nearly consistent among people regardless of their race or ethnicity. As seen in the book, black Americans are usually the ones who are typically thought of by many people as drug users however. While many Americans have a tendency to think that police officers have a superior sense of who may be a criminal, Alexander addresses the fact that a great deal of arrests are guides by internal biases, often influenced by racist stereotypes. Thus, this becomes a primary cause of the mass incarceration of black Americans in the American criminal justice system. Baldwin’s essay A Talk to Teachers offers brutally sincere insight into the racism experienced by black Americans in the educational system. As Baldwin writes in his essay, “ fact it begins when he is in school – before he discovers the shape of his oppression.” to declare that the education system was simply not devised with the well-being of black Americans in mind. As he suggests, his teachers held prejudice against the non-white students; Baldwin himself suggests that he had never touched watermelon merely to dispute the stereotype that black Americans enjoy watermelon. Baldwin also suggests that teachers should address the fact although it seems expected of them to commit crimes, they should steer far from that and instead destroy those expectations. Both writers point to the fact that black Americans and people of color are not the ones hurting their future but instead being victims of the low expectations

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