Compare Life To A Hurdle Runner

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Life can be compared to a hurdle runner. The whole point of life is to make it from the starting point until the finish is in sight. Through the whole race, there 's going to be obstacles but it 's either that person is going to jump to succeed if they fall are they going to get back on their feet to continue, or do nothing at all and let one obstacle stop their journey from achieving success. Now let 's switch that whole comparison of life to a hurdler around. What about life to a white hurdle runner? Society sets a planned obstacles or hurdle in front of him, not too difficult but to make it somewhat hard to get over, but it 's planned for him to get over. What if he doesn 't get over or attempt to get over does he gets another chance to …show more content…
Punishment in the judicial system is not in favor of an African-American for any reason at all. In 2013, a Pew Research Poll showed that in 2010 black men were six times as likely to be incarcerated as white men. Blacks go to jail for crimes ever day as well as whites but for particular crimes the court favors differently. Black on Black crime serves the same as White on White crime, and Black on Black crime, but serves differently on White on Black crime. If a black man kills a white man its 25 to life, but if a white man kills a black man without a reasonable doubt he has the highest possibility of being found not guilty. In Fredrick Harris Foreign Affairs magazine article, he posted an example of injustice punishment for African Americans. This article stated "last summer, two unarmed African American men of Eric Garner in Staten Island, New York, and Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri were killed by white police officers. In a recent study, one out of every fifteen black men is incarcerated opposed to one in every 106 white men" Officers are to protect and or arrest before killing by any means. To continue, Harris continues by saying "this reignited the national conversation about racial inequality in the United States. In both cases, grand juries declined to indict the officers involved. The rulings provoked a wave of protest marches, rallies, and road blockades across the country, as demonstrators of all skin colors proclaimed to the nation and to the world that "black lives matter." Why there 's got to be a reminder to the United States that African American lives do matter? Why aren 't black lives cordial with Caucasians? African Americans are not slaves why they 're being treated as if they

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