Earthquake Comparison Essay

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The Comparison of 3
Tragic Events

By:Artem Goubkine Oct. 13 2017

The movement of tectonic plates cause the natural disasters known as earthquakes. They usually take place on the ridges between plates. Although earthquakes are categorized under one name, they all vary in the damages they cause. Yet the created damage could have been lower by taking precautions. Quakes have occurred in Haiti, Costa Rica, and Japan but different outcomes had been made.

All big earthquakes are unfortunate bring destruction to property and to human lives. The different types of the plate movement are responsible for the magnitude of an earthquake. Costa Rica had received a magnitude 7.6
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We should also have camps for the affected people who lost their homes. We should also have professional instructions on how to behave in case of a quake. An an global level we should consider the location, and possible complications with certain procedures, for example a poor country might not have the economy to construct building according to the instructions. To make sure the effect of quakes are minimized all locations with tendencies of receiving earthquakes should enforce the procedure of utilizing flexible materials, installing shock absorbers, and safety procedures. Places which are prone to tsunamis should construct walls, or barriers to “soften” or stop them. Having all these precautions can minimize effects of the quakes.

The Haiti’s, Japan’s, and Costa Rica’s events are just few of many which allow us to prepare for more and different types of quakes. All quakes are caused by some form of tensions in the tectonic plates. This natural disaster can cause destruction, deaths, and other disasters. The impact of quakes can be reduced by being prepared to them, and taking precautions. In the end humans have been faced with countless natural disasters, and yet humans are capable of overcoming these

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