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Zachary Hutcherson personal leadership essay
Zachary Hutcherson
PRM 270 leadership essay

What is my leadership style This paper will talk about my leadership style. I am an ESTJ this acronymed out stands for extrovert, sensing, thinking, and judging. The percentage break down is 47 % extroverted, 12% sensing, 3% judging, and 6% thinking. This paper will discuss more about my leadership style and how it will be used when selecting a job in the real world. There are many positive attributes about knowing what personality type I am, this tells me that I am a people person and love talking to many new people and love to be in a group setting. This will help when put in charge of a group of people I’ve never meet till the day of the event.
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If I can see it demonstrated I can pick up on it faster than if I was reading directions or watching a power point. This will come in handy when I’m learning something in job training in the parks services or the North Carolina fish and game services. Being able to judge the severity of an issue is one of my personality traits that I would hope would be stronger than 3% if my life depended on it. This trait is used in conjunction with thinking when working out in the field. Both these were low on my personality test I would like to try and make them grow a little. Judging is many based off past experiences good and bad. Some people call that the “gut feeling” when you know there is something more to the situation but you do not know exactly what it is that is where judgment comes in and the …show more content…
Some of the strengths are: people person, hands, and problem solving. The first one is a strength because in this field of work we deal a lot with the public and being extroverted means that I enjoy talking to people. When competing a task in the field most of the task are hands on and being able to pick up on task just by seeing them is a huge plus because there might not always be written directions. When working in the field somethings might not go as planned and being able to trouble shoot things on the fly and be able to fix what when wrong right on the spot is important. Some of the key weakness about my personality are: talking too much, and over thinking things. When put into a group setting it is important that everyone gets their say what in what the task is. Me being extremely extroverted at 47% I will have to make myself quit talking and let other people voice their ideas. I have a high tendency to over think problems sometimes. It could be a very simple problem I will over think. I just have to remind myself not all problems are complex and need multiple steps to

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