comparison between the poems "out, out" and "disabled" Essay examples

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Comparative essay between the poems “Out, Out-” and “Disabled”
Wilfred Owen and Robert Frost both use their poems “Out, Out-” and “Disabled” to portray the destruction of youth and how it can be cut short by a lack of maturity and wisdom. This creates a sense of loss of innocence within the reader. In “Out, Out-” the subject or character has a very quick and short death which contrasts to “Disabled” as death would be a merciful release to the veteran described. Frost and Owen also both use a third person omniscient speaker to give the reader the viewpoints from both sides. Both the poets use description as a means to portray the horror of both incidents and they similarly both use imagery and sensuous language within this description.
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(“Big boy doing a man’s work”). This could also be a metaphor for when we had children being put in dangerous positions for their job which they needed to help their family survive. Neither poem is exclusively fixed to a certain point in time as for “Out, Out-”, that sort of situation where a young boy is handling dangerous tools could happen at any point in time. Similarly, “Disabled” could be seen as being set in a specific time as nowadays we don’t shut people away in institutes and try to forget them but it is the ideas they portray not the actual story of the poem. However, I believe that “Disabled” is not specifically linked to certain time as if we take the Olympic Games as an example, this is the first year that the Paralympics has had around about the same amount of coverage as the Olympics. Of course this is on a large scale but even in a smaller situation such as a classroom, the people with disabilities such as dyslexia are frowned upon because of this. However of course today we don’t expressively show our views on this subject but we all still do have them. The titles of both poems reflect their content and give us as the reader a sense of what the poem is going to be about before we have read it. In Wilfred Owens poem, “Disabled”, we clearly know before we begin to read that the poem will portray a sense of attitudes, causes and consequences of disability to us. However Robert Frost uses intertextual language

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