Comparison Between Median Female Agreeableness And Median Male Agreeableness

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Statistics AS91582 - Formal Inference


Problem, Plan & Data:
I wonder whether there is a difference between the median female agreeableness and the median male agreeableness, according to the Big5 personality test Agreeableness is measured on a scale of 1-5 (with 1 being the least agreeable, 5 being the most agreeable. This investigation may be beneficial to those whose looking to hire employees that are going to be more valuable to their business. Pg 306.

Studies carried out by psychologists Paul R. Sackett and Philip T. Walmsley of the University of Minnesota, indicate that agreeableness was the second most prized personality trait of those looking to employ. Agreeableness is having or showing a tendency to be compassionate and cooperative - and therefore more open-minded, as opposed to being suspicious and antagonistic towards others. An open-minded employee is desirable to those hiring as the more open-minded you are, the more flexible and teachable you are. This means that employees show “willingness to learn new things and consider alternative approaches to problem-solving”, both individually and in a team environment “participate in greater solutions than [you] could come up with alone”. Agreeableness is becoming a more sought after trait and correlates to the rise in women being hired. Due to females displaying more traits linked to agreeableness (i.e open mindedness etc.) than males, does this mean…

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