Comparison Between Forest Gp And The Great Gatsby

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Compartive Essay
Many people said that everything can change by our striving, and other people said that nothing is important, however, in my point of view, I cannot deny we have chance to change our destiny and fate by our striving but we cannot change others.
Although Forest Gump and Gatsby get rich for different reason and by different ways, both of them change their destiny by their striving. The different is that Gatsby have a specific great traget and he do everything for his target, while Forest Gump just do what he want and he just focus the things nearly. Gatsby was a poor boy at first however, he has a dream which is become the richest man and join into the upper class and have a high state in this world. He leaves parents for his
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Gatsby catch every opportunity to get rich and when he have lots of wealth, he make a lots of lies about where he gets so much money and about his family, therefore his name will not get influence by his illegal business and also that is the only way for him to get into the upper state and get Daisy’s love. So that he said his family is one of the richest families in America and he is the only person who still alive in his family and he never talks to others his really family. On the other hand, Forest Gump gets lots of flame before he get rich, he get lots of accomplish on sport and at same time he is a hero in front line. However, Forest Gump do not care about his flame and even he become a rich man, he still does not want to join into the upper state instead of he would like to clean the grass land for the town with no payment. Gump never feels anything wrong with his family and his …show more content…
Gatsby loves Daisy; she is one of the most important reasons for Gatsby to get money in a illegal way and to become a rich man. He knows Daisy loves wealthy life and he know Daisy loved him. "Your wife doesn't love you," said Gatsby. "She's never loved you. She loves me." That is what Gatsby tells to Daisy’s husband. He wants to get Daisy. He does everything for Daisy, he holds great party for five years but he does not care anyone who comes to his party. He just wants Daisy knows him and wait for one day Daisy might come to his party. He pays a lot for Daisy and her love however, finally he uses his life to prove that Daisy is not really care about him and really loves him. The things what Daisy want is Gatsby’s wealth and the feeling of being loved. On the other hand, Forest Gump is a little bit luckier that Gatsby. Gump loves Jenny who is also his best friend. He wants to protect and also, he would like to everything for Jenny. Gump miss Jenny all the time and he writes tons of letters to Jenny when he goes to the front line and he accepts Jenny again and again. In fact, Jenny also loves Gump but she wants to follow her dream and travel around with many other people who love music and later she feel

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