Comparison Between Athens And Sparta Essay

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Athens and Sparta were two greatly influential and recognized greek-city states of their time. Athens emphasised education and fostered thought, philosophy, and the arts. Contrastingly, Sparta emphasized military and placed high value on training and war. Other contrasting points were in governing style, climate, and overall lifestyle. One radical difference between the two city-states was in their treatment of women. The treatment of women in Sparta, compared to their Athenian and surrounding Greek neighbors, presented a unique ideology that was highly progressive beyond their time. Spartan women were granted more freedom and social status than their Athenian counterparts due to the militaristic lifestyle of Sparta and was exemplified through economic influence, opportunities for education, and cultural attitudes. The militaristic lifestyle of Sparta supported an economy that allowed their women to gain economic influence through ownership of property and managing land. Sparta expanded by absorbing surrounding areas and created a new class of people in between slaves and citizens called helots and developed a system similar to serfdom. They increased emphasis on military as their empire expanded to contain revolts from the disproportionate population of helots to Spartan citizens. Spartan soldiers began training at the age of seven and were enlisted in full-time military services from the ages of twenty to sixty. The establishment of full-time military service…

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