Comparison Between Andrea And Linda Essay

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Compare and Contrast

Andrea and Linda are my best friends, they are the most amazing woman I know, yet they couldn’t be more different from each other. Each of them are successful at their jobs, both have very nice homes, and they are both beautiful with fantastic looks and great style. However that is where their similarities end. Their priorities are very different from each other. Andrea is all about her family and Linda is more into her job then a family right now. Their styles are so different that they normally do not share any beauty tips or borrow clothes from each other. Their homes are both incredible , but located in different parts of the town and look nothing like each other inside.

Both of these ladies are successful at their jobs and have worked hard to be at the level they both are. Andrea is very busy all day long, she basically has two jobs, being a mother and a Manager of a Customer Services Department at a Hotel. Her first job is taking care of her three brilliant children that are ages three, six, and eight. She gets them ready for school each morning, makes them breakfast and packs them lunches, before dropping them off at either daycare or school. Then she will work a full shift at the hotel, before coming back home to make dinner and clean the house. On the contrary, Linda is single with no kids and has no one else she needs to depend on or that is depending on her. She goes on a lot of dates, but has…

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