Comparison Between A Confucian Ruler And A Daoist Ruler Essay

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Comparison between a Confucian ruler and a Daoist ruler
Donald Trump, the Republican nominee in 2016 for US president, has been addressing the radical Islamic terrorism issues in his election speech recently. According to BBC News on September 7, 2016, Donald Trump is planning to defeat the Islamic terrorists in 30 days when he comes to office in the White House. He is calling for more military weapons, more troops and planes to give IS a fast defeat.
Even though it seems to be another audacious promise that Mr Trump has made, a lot of people would have to agree with him on fighting a political correct war given all these terrorist events happening around the world. One might argue that fighting the war against the Islamic State will contribute largely to restoring the public confidence, improving the social stability and establishing strong government image in the world. While others might hold an opposite opinion that violence will only lead to more violence, more hatred and chaos, which makes it harder for the ruler to govern his country and people.
Instead of using violence, a Confucian ruler would govern people by virtue, to make people be ashamed of their mistakes, and to follow the standard morality. A Daoist ruler would prefer taking no action to achieve social order, weakening the power of government and maintaining the balance of good and evil.
From the perspective of a ruler, this paper is going to discuss how a Confucian and a Daoist would…

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