Comparing The Story Of Oedipus Tyrannus And The Tale Of Sohrab

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The story of Oedipus Tyrannus and The Tale of Sohrab are both stories that deal in family relationships and ironic twists. Both stories follow two young men on their journey through their manhood but also into the fate their fathers place before them. The story of Oedipus is set in a murder mystery which follows the character King Oedipus in his search for his father’s murderer in order to end his kingdom’s curse. The Tale of Sohrab focuses on the main character Rostam which bears a son named Sohrab whom he never meets which makes his son dedicate his life to search for him in order to earn his pride and approval. While both are different stories there are major similarities that emerge throughout their journeys. Some of the similarities include destiny, father and son conflicts, and the shame and guilt for their actions.
Destinies are events that are predetermined and beyond control. This is what shapes each of these characters in these stories that make them who they are. Both stories teach the reader that each character is link with a certain destiny. Oedipus learns early in the story his fate and desperately tries to change it. He learns of this from Apollo when he said “My fate was revealed by Apollo. He said I would lie with my own mother and stain my hands with my father’s blood” (Sophocles 2.8). In The Tale of Sohrab, Rostam sees his own destiny to become a mighty warrior and to conquer all to receive praise and acceptance from his father. He talked…

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