Essay about Comparing The Salem Witch Trials

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Two Horrific Events Based on Lies The Salem Witch Trials ended with about 200 people being accused of “witchcraft”, and during the Red Scare, over a thousand people were accused of being part of the communist party. The Red Scare and the Salem Witch Trials may have happened centuries apart, but were very similar in many different ways. The McCarthy hearings and The Salem Witch Trials were two very horrific occurrences in America 's’ history that were based on lies and a complete lack of facts and it is very important to learn about these events so that people can be better informed in the future. It is beneficial to learn about these topics together to gain a better understanding of each event. The Red Scare was a paranoid hunt for communists. The Scare, started by U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy, was completely based on an idea that was backed with absolutely no proof. Accused communists were put on trials that were very public and televised for the entire country to watch (Westlund). McCarthy became well known for ratting out communist supporters and holding trials to try and force them to talk. Over a thousand people were accused of communism, and 320 were found guilty and blacklisted. The only possible solution to being blacklisted was writing with a pen name, or a pseudonym. When screenwriter Dalton Trumbo was blacklisted by the HUAC, he used the names Robert Rich and Ian Mclellan Hunter to continue writing (Joseph R. McCarthy). The Red Scare had an overall bad effect…

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