Comparing The Odyssey, By Homer Essay

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Journal Book 11 : Elpenor
Compare and Contrast : In The Odyssey, by Homer, many of Odysseus’ men die during the journey. They die from monsters and gods. One of the men that dies is Elpenor at Circe’s house. When Odysseus reached the underworld, souls of people come and talk to him, in which included Elpenor. He says “After I went to sleep on Circe 's house, I did not notice how to go down again by the long ladder, but fell headlong from the roof; my neck was broken in its socket, and my soul same down to the house of Hades” (Homer 132). This man says that he did not know how to climb down the ladder and fell of the roof. This is mainly because they were having a celebration, and he was drunk. In the Theoi website, this story is slightly different, “[Elpenor] fell headlong from the roof, and his neck was broken away from the spine, and his spirit went down to the house of Hades” (Theoi). It is not stated the reason that he falls down the roof. All that is asserted is that he fell of the roof. Many souls comes to meet Odysseus, “Beyond Eriphyle have been painted Elpenor and Odysseus… After Teiresias is Antikleia (Anticlea), the mother of Odysseus, upon a rock. Elpenor has on instead of clothes a mat, such as is usual for sailors to wear” (Theoi). Elpenor is said to not go first, and he is said to wear a mat. The clothes that he wears is not stated in The Odyssey, and this source increased the imagery of the scene by doing that. Meanwhile, in The Odyssey, Odysseus says,…

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