Comparing The Novel ' Looking At The Winter 's Tale ' Essay

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Who was stronger? What are the differences between a superhero and a villain? Both have power, ingenuity, purpose, and dedication to their cause. But what makes them different? One may be stronger, causing him to win, however it is their character that makes them who they are. Their character is what defines them and makes a statement declaring whether they will be the hero of the story or the villain. In looking at The Winter’s Tale, we wonder who is the stronger woman—stronger in the sense of “having strength of character or will”, and not physical strength (Webster’s New World Dictionary, 1329). The two main woman characters in The Winter’s Tale were Hermione, (the Queen) and Paulina (the wife of a Lord). In The Winter’s Tale, King Leontes accused pregnant Hermione of adultery and threw her in prison. All during that rough time and afterwards, Paulina was a friend and advocate for Queen Hermione. Both Paulina and Hermione show strength of character and will, but Paulina was stronger because of her: courage, candor, persistence, honorable spirit, and dedication to the Queen. Paulina showed strength of character through her courage. Just as Ester went to face King Ahasuerus even though the reality of her situation was dangerous and difficult, Paulina confronted King Leontes with the truth—knowing the reality of her situation. Esther was very courageous, she was determined that, against all odds, she would face the King to save her people. “I will go to the king, though…

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