Essay about Comparing The North And South

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When comparing the North and South, there aren’t many similarities. Both believed the exact opposite on many different topics. These include topics of economics, social, military, and political ideas. At the end of the Civil War, the rural South and urban North were able to come together as a single and strong nation. Firstly, there was a major difference between Northern and Southern politics. The South mostly consisted of Democrats. Southerners favored a system of government with strong states and weak federal government, with the right to secede if they disagreed with the federal government. Southerners wanted a government that invested its money agriculture. The South also was also home to most pro-slave states. They also wanted to expand slavery westward to the new developing land. The Fugitive Slave Act was also praised by the South. The North basically disagreed everything the North stood for. Most Northerners identified with the Republican party and were considered to be more liberal. Most Northern states were anti-slavery and disagreed with the Fugitive Slave. The North also preferred a strong, central government over individual states. Secondly, the economies of the two territories were opposite. The South economy was built upon an agricultural base. The warm temperatures and fertile soil of the South made for an ideal place to grow crops on large-scale plantations. Cotton was the most valuable export made on the plantations, but others like tobacco,…

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