Comparing The Necklace And Gift Of The Magi

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The Necklace and Gift of The Magi When someone thinks of two poor women from years ago, they might just think of any ordinary, stereotypical female working at home doing nothing but cleaning, cooking, and sewing. These stories propose a different idea. Two different women go through a series of events in order to succeed in what they’re attempting for someone or themselves. Along with differences of course, they also have many similarities between them, a big one being irony. The two main characters, Mathilde and Della, both are somewhat poor. They usually stay inside; that soon changes. Mathilde’s husband got an invitation to a ball. She complained about not having anything to wear. He gives her 400 francs that he was going to use so she …show more content…
Mathilde was more in the middle-class area when it came to money, though she complained about being “poor”. She didn’t do anything about it, either, she just sat around for awhile and suffered. Della, however, was closer to the poor side, but didn’t whine and complain as much Mathilde did. She actually found ways to work on it instead of getting too depressed about money. Mathilde was selfish. She only wanted money, and fancy things. She used her husband’s money to buy a dress even though he had it saved for something else, just to please other people. Then later she put him in debt because of the 36,000 francs they spent for a diamond necklace. Her husband did more of the pleasing, and treating her well. Unlike Mathilde, Della was selfless. She put her loved one’s needs before hers. She did everything she could to please him, including cutting her hair. She didn’t mind if she wasn’t the typical rich-looking woman, although she was paranoid about whether her husband would find her attractive anymore. “Please God, make him think I am still pretty.” (264). The setting in The Necklace changed. Because of the severe debt Mathilde and her husband were in, they faced a life of poverty. They moved into the attic of a roof, and worked harder than they ever have. Her husband got several jobs, while she did many household chores. It took 10 years for everything to be repaid. Della and Jim stayed where they were, because neither needed loans. They both were happy and even more in love, even if their gifts didn’t have much of a purpose at the

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